Are there any benefits to owning a dog?

Well,the obvious answer to this question is a resounding YES! And there are so many! 

Owning a dog is a privilege in my opinion and has so many benefits that I really cannot think of a down side. Even if your dog becomes ill or injured and when they eventually pass over, the positive aspects of spending part of your life with a trusted, loyal and loving friend far outweigh those difficult times. The memories alone you make with your dog stay with you and your family long into the future, long after they have gone. 

You can expect to be a happier person if you own a dog and are less likely to feel depressed. Research indicates that stroking your dog reduces stress hormones and just watching your dog reduces stress every day.

By walking your dog you will become healthier and fitter. Walking is one of the best exercises for shedding calories and the fresh air you breath in is great for you too. And, taking that walk will introduce you to a new social scene. Dog walkers love to talk about their dogs and if you are single, you may even meet that special someone. At least you will have one thing in common. . . . dogs! Why stop at owning one dog, why not own two, three or four. You double your happiness with every dog!

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