Marmite’s journey with Winston & Porter

Winston and Porter work with a wide range of dogs and their owners, from Puppies who are fed our Puppy Porridge, working dogs who use our joint supplements because of the stresses they place on their joints and bones every day to more senior dogs who need a little bit extra in their diet to soothe their aching joints and relieve pains. We are proud of the products we have developed and the life changing results we see in our customer dogs.

Sara Louise Killelay and her dog Marmite (photo above) are one of those customer/dogs we have been working with recently. Sara has kindly written a few words accompanied with some photos of how Marmite has responded to our Max Strength Canine Joint Supplement. I will let you read what she has said below. Dev McManus

Marmite is an 8-year-old Pointer x Labrador rescue girl, who I actively compete with in agility. Over the last 18 months she has had 2 bad bouts of pancreatitis and was really starting to show her age and becoming stiff, both at home and out in the agility field. I’d already moved her down to lower height fences and was seriously starting to think about her future agility career.

Two above images showing how she was struggling with her jumping and barely clearing the poles I have been following the progress of Winston and Porters supplement range for a while and thought what’s to lose, let’s give it a go!

We started her on the Winston and Porters “Max strength premium canine joint supplement” after taking the advice that this would suite her best, without any effect on her delicate insides, and within less than 2 weeks I was seeing a big difference in her performance levels, speed and energy. She’s now been on it for just 11 weeks and she really is like a young pup again, back to loving the sport, winning multiple prizes and even back to running at her full height with the most ease she’s ever jumped it! I’m a firm believer in helping out our furry friends in any way possible, especially when they give us their all in this sport, and I now wouldn’t be without this supplement! I’ve put both my other older dogs onto it too and I’m seeing a great difference in them as well. Proof enough that this wonder potion really does work! Sara Louise Killelay, Lincolnshire

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