Marmite’s Journey with Winston & Porter

Sara Louise Killelay and her faithful agility dog Marmite have risen from the ashes like a phoenix

Winston and Porter work with a wide range of dogs and their owners, from Puppies who are fed our Puppy Porridge, working dogs who use our joint supplements because of the stresses they place on their joints and bones every day to more senior dogs who need a little bit extra in their diet to soothe their aching joints and relieve pains. We are proud of the products we have developed and the life changing results we see in our customer dogs.

Sara Louise Killelay and her dog Marmite are one of those customer/dogs we have been working with recently. Sara has kindly written a few words accompanied with some photos of how Marmite has responded to our Max Strength Canine Joint Supplement. I will let you read what she has said below.

Marmite is an 8-year-old Pointer x Labrador rescue girl, who I actively compete with in agility. Over the last 18 months she has had 2 bad bouts of pancreatitis and was really starting to show her age and becoming stiff, both at home and out in the agility field. I’d already moved her down to lower height fences and was seriously starting to think about her future agility career.


I have been following the progress of Winston and Porters supplement range for a while and thought what’s to lose, let’s give it a go!


We started her on the Winston and Porters “Max strength premium canine joint supplement” after taking the advice that this would suite her best, without any effect on her delicate insides, and within less than 2 weeks I was seeing a big difference in her performance levels, speed and energy. She’s now been on it for just 11 weeks and she really is like a young pup again, back to loving the sport, winning multiple prizes and even back to running at her full height with the most ease she’s ever jumped it!


I’m a firm believer in helping out our furry friends in any way possible, especially when they give us their all in this sport, and I now wouldn’t be without this supplement! I’ve put both my other older dogs onto it too and I’m seeing a great difference in them as well.

Proof enough that this wonder potion really does work!

Sara Louise Killelay, Lincolnshire

An excellent product and excellent customer service - we were struggling with our best friend just before Christmas with his overall condition and well being due to a long term extremely high dose of antibiotics as he had suspected toxoplasmosis infection we were extremely worried, although we have always endevoured to provide him with a varied quality home prepared diet I wanted to be sure he wasn't lacking in essential nutrients and vitamins whilst his immune system was so compromised. Winston and Porter ® took time on the telephone offering their expertise and advice. Bertie was really starting to 'show his age'. We have now been giving him Nourish C plus and we are over the moon, our furry boy is back to his old self doing all things collie, long walk, game, 5 mins rest, more ball, what time is my next walk :) , his fur is incredible and we have had so many compliments as to how well and young he looks again. Thank you Winston and Porter for both your excellent product and clearly your care and passion for what you do.

Pamela McCaughey, Warwick

Nourish C Puppy Porridge is the best whelping feed I have used to date.
Having working border collies in my kennels that have to be in excellent working condition after having pups, this product kept mum to be in top condition ready for whelping. A huge plus was no scouring and my litter had the best start!


Janine Rees-Denman, Border Collie trainer and breeder at Denwyn Border Collies , Wales.

My Labrador tore a tendon on her back leg. She then had to endure x-rays and an operation to stitch it back together and have her leg pinned so she could not move it to assist with the healing process. She was only 2 1/2 at the time. Weekly visits to the vets and physiotherapy for months. Crated for 3 months, short lead walks only for a further 4-5 months before the pin was taken out and then lead walks for another 2 months. Finally she could be let loose. They thought... she would only gain 85% mobility back in that leg. She was ok but it was a fight to get her back to her fitness level. I am a dog walker so she comes to work with me a lot but I was having to leave her at home a couple of times a day because she got so tired. I was also worried that later on in life her leg may be more susceptible to arthritis or the like. I tried YouMove but it upset her tummy. I got recommended Nourish C by a client and she gave me some to try. I am always sceptical about these things thinking they are just a money spinner. I saw a slight change in her so I went on the website to see what they had to offer and after corresponding with them and going with their recommendation I ordered Nourish C Max Strength due to her injury but also her active lifestyle. It was that good we are now on our second tub. I cannot believe the difference it has made to her. She has a really beautiful soft coat but more importantly her energy levels have risen tenfold and she can run, play and jump with the best of them. Its like her mojo has returned and it is absolutely brilliant to see the transformation. She has now just turned 4. I don't usually recommend things lightly but I have now recommended this to a good friend of mine and have also recommended on my business web site. Thank you all so much.

Lorna Bennett, Kidlington

This is Fizz, a very proud Mum and her pups who gave birth on Easter Friday. The pups are 6 hours old on this photo! Fizz has been on Winston & Porter's ® Nourish + C Multi Vitamin and Mineral supplement throughout her pregnancy and in her owner Stan Rawlinson's own words,"Fizz's coat and condition plus the condition of the pups are excellent . . . . " It is a high spec supplement for whelping bitches and for weaning puppies.

Stan Rawlinson, AKA 'The Dog Listener' has been using our products with his dogs for some time now and has seen a marked difference in his gun dogs condition and performance whilst they have been fed Winston & Porter's ® Max Strength Joint Supplement. Recovery rates are quicker, stamina has improved and flexibility of movement has increased.

Stan Rawlinson, London

I have a beautiful doberman called Tia, She was 9 years old on December 20th 2016 and for the last few years has had arthritis and sore joints, she had slowed up and limped a bit. Dev from Winston & Porter ® recommended to try Nourish + C Max Strength Dog Supplement which I did with a lot of skepticism, as I don't believe any of these supplements work. HOW WRONG was I! It is unbelievable how she has changed after a few weeks, everybody thinks I have a new 2 year old dog. She is running around like a lunatic and can't sit still. I highly recommend this product. Thanks Dev at Winston and Porter from Richard and Tia (a very young 9yr old)


Richard in Jersey

We share our lives with two gorgeous Bedlington Terriers, Millie age 9 (The Princess) and Mabel age 8 (The Tomboy). Millie loves to run fast and chase around the fields when we're out, but is much more sedate at home, whereas Mabel is a bit of an eternal puppy who loves to carry on running around at home too! Unfortunately, Mabel is also quite clumsy - she's the only dog I know who can fall up the stairs!  We think this may be the reason why, in October 2015, she suffered a severely herniated disc and needed emergency specialist surgery as her back legs were paralysed. As you can imagine, this was a horrendous time for all of us. Mabel was in the vet hospital for over a week, with no sign of any movement returning to her back legs for five awful days. But she's a spirited little thing, and with expert care, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, she was eventually allowed to come home with us.

Cutting a long story short, we carried on with hydrotherapy sessions and with physio and massage at home, and Mabel made slow but steady progress. We've always given our girls good quality food with human grade ingredients and no additives, but we knew it was important to make sure Mabel got all the nutritional support she needed to help her recovery, and hopefully prevent a re-occurrence of a similar injury in future, which the surgeon had warned us was a possibility. It was at this point that we struck lucky and discovered Winston and Porter ® We discussed Mabel's problems in detail, and it was clear from the outset that the lovely folks at Winston and Porter ® not only really know their stuff, but they also genuinely care and want to help. They recommended we try Nourish C + Maximum Strength for Mabel, and we're in no doubt at all that, along with all her therapy and careful exercise program, this fantastic supplement has contributed a great deal to her recovery… she's back to being that daft little playful puppy! Whilst Mabel still has a slight weakness in one of her back legs, and we have to make sure she doesn't overdo things, she’s enjoying life to the max once again.

We'll definitely continue giving Mabel her "porridge" for breakfast, and Millie has it every day too. As they're both officially 'senior' dogs now, we know this will help their joints and ease any aches and pains as they get older. Actually, I wish there was a Nourish C + Max for humans!

Sue in County Durham

Beanie is a 12 year old Patterdale x Norfolk Terrier. Beanie is getting on a little bit and we noticed last year that she had developed lumps across her belly. The vet recommended that we completely remove all lumps and surrounding tissues however she’s currently happy and the lumps aren’t causing her any pain so I was reluctant to put her through a very major procedure that may, only minimally, increase her lifespan. We were recommended to try Winston and Porter's ® Nourish + C and since starting to use it I have noticed her coat has become much more shiny and she’s full of life! Being a terrier, she’s very nonplussed about food, a take it or leave it kind of dog, especially around the time that she is on heat, because of this she has been on a reduced dosage which has still shown positive effects, she is only little so this works for her! I’d happily recommend Nourish + C to friends and family!


Kitty in Surrey

Murphy is a 6 year old active labrador cross. He has a tendency to be greedy and gain weight despite being walked for at least 2 hours a day. His owner , Paul was concerned about the effect that being slightly overwieght would have on Murphy's joints while he was excercising . Murphy is not stiff but Paul recognised that his joints may be under pressure and would benefit from support.

Paul writes:
'Murphy has always been a fun loving active dog...but he is a bit of a good do'er! As a physiotherapist I am aware of the importance of joint health and also the impact that carrying a bit of extra weight can have. I had read alot about supplements and was keen to ensure that Murphy had a quality product with good levels of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. He was not at a stage where he needs any pain relief , but I knew that if I didnt take action, he would definitely get to that stage sooner rather than later. 
I heard about Nourish + C Max Strength through talking to a friend who had used it with her dog. I had concerns about any possible weight gain with it, but my friend suggested I give the company a ring. The staff at Winston and Porter ® were really knowledgable and I spoke to an expert in nutrition who reassured me. One of my other concerns around Murphy's 'chunky tendancies' was the possibility of his developing diabetes. I was assured that the product actually helped to regulate blood sugars and if I prepared the product ten minutes in advance of feeding that it would help Murphy feel fuller for longer...helping him to stop being greedy. I was also advised that his 'greed' maybe down to his natural ability to recognise that his diet was missing something and that the wide range of vitamins in the Nourish + C range may stop him craving anything he is missing, a little like a pregnancy craving. It was like a lightbulb moment and made total sense!
Murphy has been on Nourish + C Max Strength for two months and he loves it! He has it for breakfast . I mix it with boiling water and leave it to stand until cool enough to eat, this gives it a chance to bulk up (so that he doesnt!) and it does seem to fill him up. I don't know whether it is that, or the fact that he is no longer missing a vital vitamin, but  he does not seem to be so obsessed with food all of the time. Don't get me wrong, he still loves his grub, but he seems happier between meals. A lovely added bonus is his coat is softer and shinier too. 
I wanted to write a testamonial because I am genuinely impressed with Winston and Porter ®, they really know their stuff and seem to really care! My kids loved the fact that the parcel came addressed to Murphy. Like most dog owners, Murphy is part of our family and we want him around for as long as possible. It is good to know that we can help make that happen.
Thank you from all of our family....and Murphy of course!


Paul in North Yorkshire

Dufus is a gorgeous cockapoo puppy who was advertised 'free to a good home' by his breeder as he had a serious heart defect. This advert was picked up by the group 'Doodlemania' who run a charity called 'Doodle Aid'. The fear was that this puppy may fall into the wrong hands. An appeal to find an appropriate owner was made on their facebook page and luckily for Dufus, Jacky (a very experienced dog owner) came forward. Jacky rescued Dufus with the help of all of the members of Doodle Aid and took him for an assessment. It became clear that he needed surgery to correct his heart defect and the operation was going to cost nearly £5000 . Once again Doodle Aid and the members of the facebook group 'Doodlemania' answered the call to help Dufus and all of the money was raised by kind donations! Jacky, her family, Doodle Aid, Doodlemania and many other funders through Go Fund Me saved Dufus . From being a very poorly and underwieght pup, he has made a full recovery. Dufus is now a happy Puppy and a very fortunate dog to have been saved. He is another dog with an amazing human Mummy and family!


Jacky wrote to us saying:
'Dufus loves the Nourish + C,  he has had it on it's own and added to his scrambled eggs in the morning. I am going to give him some with every meal until he is built up, it is so easy for him to eat. ....he barely ate when he first came here, now he is eating like a savage!'
Jacky updated us further into his progress:
'Dufus has done great with the Nourish + C. The vet at the RVC said he had gained a fab amount of weight in a very short time, he went from 4.4 kg to 5.8kg in 4 weeks! When he first came he only wanted to pick at food and had no appetite , I gave him Nourish + C on it's own or on scrambled eggs and that was the only thing he would eat, once he built up an appetite I mixed it with his food. Nourish + C definitely helped to build him up and recover after his surgery. Without the operation Dufas would have died, everyone has been so brilliant.


Jacky in North London

Chase is a beautiful dog who had had recent surgery. He developed a severe infection and had to be hospitalised to stabalise his condition. When he was eventually allowed home, he needed to be kept in complete isolation. Chase is a very lucky boy as he is owned by a very dedicated family, who have gone 'above and beyond' to care for him! His human Mummy, Fiona, had an outbuilding in the garden that had been converted into a grooming room. This became Chase's home for the period of isolation and Fiona and the family spent hours with him keeping him company as he recovered. Chase is a much loved dog and is happily back to his normal self and reintegrated with the family including the other dogs.


Fiona writes:
'Chase has made a full recovery and is full of beans! I feel that the Nourish + C supplement greatly added to his recovery, with the added bonus that he enjoyed it! He had it warm in the morning, I found he preferred it that way as opposed to being mixed in with his food. I am very happy to endorse your company and wish you every success with this wonderful product' 


Fiona in Kent

Caroline Leah's Mummy writes,

We have been using Nourish + C for a good couple of months now and the improvements in our dog Leah, on a physical, mental and emotional level are marked. She came into our lives as an abused and, finally, abandoned soul, having  serious problems with food - (both the eating of and the digestion of), her skin and deep mental and emotional anxieties. We were making huge headways with her, but the addition of Nourish + C to her diet has taken it all to a higher level and she is much more settled in every way. Having already learned to be loved, she is now relishing her own new 'cool' approach to life. 

We wouldn't be without Nourish + C now, and on top of what we have been able to witness the untold future- proofing possibilites for her health.


Caroline in Oxford

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