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Hi and a very warm welcome to Winston and Porter's ® website, and thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy looking around. Our site is full of health information for dog owners or wannabee dog owners. I'm sure you will find some of the content interesting and useful.  

We are very passionate about dog health and dog nutrition at Winston and Porter ® and have developed some very unique and innovative dog supplements which will make a positive difference to each stage of your dog's life in the areas of Health, Vitality, Flexibility, Joint and Bone Health and Overall Condition. Like us our products are British, dependable and sturdy! They really work and achieve fantastic results!



See some of our Independent Reviews left by Happy Customers

on Facebook and The Good Vet and Pet Guide


Lorna Bennett from Kidlington wrote on Facebook about her Labrador Holly-Boo with our Max Strength Joint Supplement,

"She has a really beautiful soft coat but more importantly her energy levels have risen tenfold and she can run, play and jump with the best of them. Its like her mojo has returned and it is absolutely brilliant to see the transformation".



As did Heather Fielding from North Wales and our Nourish + C Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement, talking about her Shih Tzu Ted. She says, 

" I have found that her skin has improved tenfold something my vet couldn’t even do. I have also found a huge improvement in both my dogs poo. I highly recommend this product and give it 5+ stars".




Pamela McCaughey from Warwick writes about her Collie Bertie on The Good Vet and Pet Guide

"An excellent product and excellent customer service. . . . . 

We have now been giving him Nourish + C and we are over the moon, our furry boy is back to his old self doing all things collie, long walk, game, 5 mins rest, more ball, what time is my next walk :) , his fur is incredible and we have had so many compliments as to how well and young he looks again. Thank you Winston and Porter for both your excellent product and clearly your care and passion for what you do".



Excellent dog nutrition is at the heart of our products. Our Multi Vitamin and Mineral and Dog Joint Supplements are very effective and probably one of the best you can buy anywhere for your dogs. This is because of the Unique Essential Ingredients included at High Levels and they contain NO Buffers or fillers; just full of Goodness!

Our supplement range is suitable for all dogs from the very smallest, to the very biggest. They are excellent for performance dogs like working and sports dogs. 



1. We can SAVE you money!

We are the most competitively priced product of its type and quality on the market today! Our Nourish + C multi vitamin and mineral supplement works out at 49p per day* and our Max Strength joint supplement at 66p per day*

Your visits to the vet could decrease if you use our Nourish + C range. They contain 46 essential vitamins and minerals including the 37 that your dog needs to achieve optimum health and vitality. Our supplements should always be fed along side a normal healthy diet, not as a stand alone feed. The joint supplements contain essential ingredients at high doses. 

2. We can SAVE you time!

All our products are convenient and can be added to existing dog food or you can feed as a snack or meal on their own (just add water).  

3. Relieve Worry!

Our product range will take the worry out of whether you are feeding your dog correctly. We have done all the hard work for you, ensuring the essential ingredients in our products are the best and in effective quantities. Your dog is going to feel much healthier and therefore happier. In turn, this will make you feel much happier too.

4. Can Ease Stiffness!

Stiffness  in dogs can be eased through our ingredients like MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Chia Seeds and Serrapeptase. This should ease depending on the particular product used in our Nourish + C range. Negative emotions will turn into positive emotions as your dog's health and mood should reform and so will yours as you observe your dog become happier.

We are confident that you and your dog will benefit from the expert knowledge, care and attention that has gone into our products here at Winston and Porter. All our dog supplements are Gluten and Wheat Free and contain only human grade ingredients.

**FOR MOTHER AND PUPPY we recommend:

  • Puppy Porridge is not only for the professional breeder but also for those who have just taken on a new puppy or have a bitch who has had a litter of puppies. A complete nutritional weaning and whelping meal for mother and puppies. Contains high spec multi vitamins, minerals, omega 3's and 6's to support a healthy immune system. Gentle on the digestive system it will boost condition and optimise health and vitality. Puppies can use from 3 weeks up to 6 months old. Mothers to use during pregnancy and after the birth to maintain and regain condition.

**FOR ALL ROUND HEALTH AND VITALITY (from 6 months upwards) we recommend:

  • Nourish + C Premium Multi Vitamin & Mineral All in One Dog Supplement for All round Health, Vitality and Dog Nutrition - A Comprehensive ALL IN ONE Multi Vitamin and Mineral Dog Supplement for ALL Dogs. Shiny coat, superb skin condition and great for gut and digestive health. We believe in the very best vitamins and minerals for your dogs, and Nourish + C will deliver these.

**FOR ENERGETIC OR ACTIVE DOGS (great for stamina, recovery and to soothe tender joints) we recommend:


  • MAX STRENGTH Premium Canine Joint Supplement - With all of the benefits of Nourish + C but also the additional advantage of QUADRUPLE ACTION High Spec ingredients for JOINT Health (MSM for dogs, Glucosamine, Chondroitin for dogs and Hyaluronic Acid (HA)). Great for Very Active Dogs, Working Dogs, Sports Dogs or Older Dogs. Aids dog joint stiffness and mobility. A helping hand to make your dog more comfortable. One of the best dog joint supplements for dogs on the market today!



  • MAX STRENGTH PLUS Premium Canine Joint Supplement with ALL the benefits of MAX STRENGTH but also containing Serrapeptase prized for it's Extraordinary properties. For our more Senior Companions who need that little bit extra help on a day to day basis.




For more information, contact us on 0191 379 00 77 or email us on:


based in County Durham United Kingdom

**NOTE FOR COMPETITION SPORTS DOGS (Greyhounds, Sheep Dogs, Flyball, Sled Dogs, Agility, Gun Dogs, Showing dogs etc.)**


All the ingedients in our products are NATURAL and in no way contain Prohibited Substances. Also, none of our ingredients are banned by the following bodies:


Great Britain Greyhound Board (GBGB) and Irish Greyhound Board (IGB)

The International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS)

British Flyball Association (BFA),

International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS)
The British Kennel Club,

UK Agility (UKA),

The British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC)


Winston and Porter Dog Supplemens endorsed by Julie Hil intenational sheepdog trial chapion

Julie Hill, International Sheepdog Trial Champion endorses our Nourish + C Max Strength Dog Joint Supplement

“I have recently introduced Winston & Porter’s Nourish + C Max Strength Joint Supplement to some of my ageing working dogs. Just after two weeks I noticed improvement to flexibility and movement in my dogs.

The ground they work is steep and rugged, an unsympathetic environment that causes stress and strains to the dog’s physiques. I definitely will be continuing to use this quality product and recommend it to others.”


Julie Hill, Neth Hill Border Collies

Stan Rawlinson, dog behaviourist endorses Winston and Porter Dog Supplements

Stan Rawlinson AKA 'The Original Dog Listener' recommends our products.


Stan is an honest no nonsense type of person and he is well respected within the canine behavoural world. He says,


"As you may see on my website I do not have many recommendations or adverts on my site. I would have to really be bowled over before I recommend any product. . . . . "  

Denwyn Border Collies, Wale endorse Winston and Porter Dog Supplements

Janine Rees-Denman, Border Collie trainer and professional breeder at Denwyn Border Collies says about our Nourish + C Puppy Porridge, 

"Nourish C Puppy Porridge is the best whelping feed I have used to date.
Having working border collies in my kennels that have to be in excellent working condition after having pups, this product kept mum to be in top condition ready for whelping. A huge plus was no scouring and my litter had the best start!

Denwyn Border Collies, Wale endorse Winston and Porter Dog Supplements


The Feed Warehouse, County Durham - 3 outlets in Durham, Consett and Darlington

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We are proud to support and supply Bob's Legacy Dog Sanctuary in Kent

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